• AITISM, SAIL Doranda, Ranchi, India

Welcome to AITISM’23

International Conference on Automation and Information Technology in Steel, Mining and other Manufacturing Industries (AITISM) is organised biennially by Computer Society of India (CSI), Ranchi Chapter with support of Organizations like MECON, SAIL, COAL INDIA Ltd., NIFFT, BIT Mesra Ranchi, India as well as IEEE at Ispat Bhawan and MECON Community Hall, Ranchi, India.

Manufacturing is extremely competitive and financial margins that differentiate between success and failure are very tight with established industries needed to compete, produce and sell at global level. Indian Steel, Mining and other Manufacturing industries in the country is undergoing expansions and modernization to meet the growing demands of the nation. It involves introduction of new state of the art technologies as well as improvements in the existing facilities.

Data Analytics Platform for all the Industries is the digital solution that collects, analyzes and visualizes data from a variety of subsystems and devices within the Plants. The solution, with either on-premise or Cloud connectivity, can be utilized as one Centralized platform for collecting and analyzing data and applying new technologies such as Data Mining, Machine Learning and AI to search the hidden patterns. Advanced service combining digital analytics solution is utilized to achieve unprecedented levels of quality, yield and productivity.

We are currently in a critical stage of human history where we have the opportunity to change the fate of our planet and secure a better world for future generations to come. One of the most immediate actions we can take to limit climate change is to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions by lowering carbon footprint. Greenhouse gases are emitted through the production and consumption of goods and services. Carbon footprint is a concept used to quantify the impact of an activity, a person or a country on climate change. Sustainable resources are resources that can be used indefinitely without ever running out. Climate change can be overwhelming. The science is complex, and when it comes to future impacts, there are still a lot of unknowns. While real solutions will require action on a global scale, there are choices we can make in our day-to-day life to lessen our personal impact on the environment. While climate change is a complex problem in need of a unified global response, every individual effort towards building a safer future is valuable. By making changes to our individual lifestyles based on environmental concern, we can help to influence the attitudes and behaviors of those around us in relation to addressing the climate crisis. Many countries, institutions and companies have committed to reduce their emissions while the EU has even set the objective of being “climate neutral” by 2050. Sunlight does not need to be replaced --- as long as the sun shines, we can make use of solar energy. Solar, wind, water and geothermal energy emit very less greenhouse gases and provide steady sources of energy, which make them integral to reduce greenhouse emissions. 100 % Green energy can be generated through use of fly wheel technology. Most of our daily activities probably depend on electricity, and most electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels. Most of our power plant create electricity by burning coal or natural gas. Switching to renewable energy can be a challenge, but it is possible. Many utilities can sell us energy produced using sustainable methods, including solar and wind energy, through your existing power lines. Ultimately, the best way to reduce carbon footprint is with a combination of energy consciousness and sustainable resources.

Manufacturing industries in general, produce large amounts of Solid Wastes through its various processes and were mostly dumped. With increase in Environmental restrictions, there has been significant thrust on developing technologies for their Recycling, Reuse and Reduction in Carbon footprint. The immense developments in the field of Automation and IT have revolutionized the low Carbon Steel Making, Mining and other Manufacturing industries by augmenting plant throughput.

Data Analysis, Improved Product Quality, Increased Energy Efficiency, Online Image Analysis, Advancement in Wireless Technology, Unconventional Source of Green Energy (Power & Water) Generation through Fly-wheel technology and other sources like Solar and Wind etc, Waste to Wealth management, Optimized Resource Utilization and enhanced personnel safety and Minimized Carbon Footprint Generation are key concern area.

The continuous research and development in this ever expanding arena necessitates sharing and exchange of technical information & experiences among the Industry, Academia and Automation fraternity.

The previous Six Conferences, AITISM’07, AITISM’09, AITISM’12, AITISM’14, AITISM’16 and AITISM’19 successfully witnessed an overwhelming participation from India and Overseas by Steel, Mining and other Manufacturing industries, Scientists and Technologists from Research / Academic Institutes, Technology Developers / Providers (local as well as Global), Maintenance & Project personnel, Consultant, Manufacturers and R & D efforts.

Encouraged with this tremendous response and keeping the aforesaid factors in mind, Computer Society of India (CSI), Ranchi Chapter is organizing 7th International Conference (AITISM’23) titled "Automation and Information Technology in Steel, Mining and other Manufacturing industries (AITISM’23): Vision 2035" .